The most beautiful of all the major kingdoms on the Island Empire of Ladora is the Land of Perfect. Other kingdoms include: the Land of Spice, the Land In-between, the Land of Sand, the Land of Avocado, the Happy Land of Imperfect,the Land of Silk, the Land of Crooked, Spumonia, and a few other smaller kingdoms.

  For keeping the Land of Perfect, perfect, good King Kindly has bestowed the unbelievable gift of beauty upon his subjects through the magic of his magician, Manduke, the Great. The beautiful Land of Perfect now also had the most beautiful and handsome people in all the kingdoms. Although, well-intended, the gift of beauty soon spirals the kingdom into utter chaos, for his subjects—now called Perfects—have become so obsessed with their new-found beauty, they refuse to work and do nothing but protest for more beauty. "I wan't a smaller nose." "I want bigger dimples." "I want bluer eyes."

  Slowly, the Land of Perfect begins to lose its beauty and falls into disarray as the king refuses their constant demands. Desperate and angry for making his subjects beautiful, the king searches for some way, or for someone, to show the Perfects looking perfect is not the most important thing in the world....

The Adventures of Rocky Van Gogh In The Land of Perfect should not be considered a one book enterprise. Books written for Rocky in all the other Kingdoms alone would add up to eight books. With such a wide scope of material, The Adventures of Rocky Van Gogh could possibly be a film franchise.

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